Intensive Courses

At 360 Driving School we can help you pass your driving test 10x faster with our intensive driving lessons.

You are going to love our intensive driving courses because within weeks you will be passing your driving test and we have got some great courses to fit around your busy life.

Many learners waste serious amount of cash because they take hourly lessons or one lesson a week. If you went to school and did French or you were learning the guitar and you just did one hour a week of practice, it is going to take you a long while to learn. Why ? Because you forget things, (this is called skill fade).

Also, you can learn much more in one 2 hour lesson than two 1 hour lessons. So that alone means you will need 10 hours less than if you have 1 hour lessons. Now imagine how much your learning will be accelerated if you have 2,3,4 or 5 two hour lessons each week. With little to no skill fade our experience shows you will reach test standard approximately 10 times faster than if you were just having 1 hour lessons.

We have courses of 10, 20, 30 and 40 hours available. Once you’ve had your first lesson your instructor will have a chat with you and together which course is the best for you.

Call NOW to avoid disappointment on 07574 970 219 and Lets Get You On The Road.