Driving Test Rescue

Unfortunately you have been failing your driving test with another school and you are at the end of your tether. To fail one driving test feels bad, but to fail several can feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, leaving you hopeless and wondering if you will ever be able to drive. It’s such a sinking sensation to have, but what if…what if…failing was never your fault in the first place?

Yes, we agree it is not right to blame others, but perhaps this was not your fault.

You see, the driving test is not designed to be passed, that might sound like a crazy notion but it is actually designed to see if you are safe. In other words it’s more like studying for an A-level than a GCSE. You are asked to demonstrate your knowledge but you are judged on how you go about driving.

The problem you have probably been facing is that your previous instructor asked you to watch, copy and repeat. That’s a bit like doing a GCSE, however the driving examiner wants more from you, they need to know you can think for yourself and make important decisions. This is why most people fail. For sure you can repeat all day long everything you know about driving, but what happens when there is a little pressure or you come across something you have never witnessed before. You fail!

To pass your test you need to be a safe driver, you need to be prepared. To be safe you need to be confident and your confidence comes from knowing you can drive. Lots of instructors blame nerves but we can help you overcome those nerves with our Confident Drivers Programme. Nervous learners are learners who are not confident in their own skills.

So how do we fix you?

It’s all about a bit of re-programming so you have the ability to drive safely, on auto-pilot!

You will have an initial assessment and we’ll then propose a course of corrective lessons which will not just help you get your full driving licence; but mould you into the safe driver you really have got to be.

To reach the end of this journey and get your licence; call us now.